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RW SHD continues to pursue, develop, and acquire senior housing facilities. RW SHD can provide consultant services for REIT’s, senior housing owners, operators, Insurance Companies, Attorneys and or any third party entity affiliated within the senior housing domain.

Senior Housing Development

RW SHD has planned, built, is building, and currently operates senior housing facilities.

  • Certificate of Need Navigation
  • Lending Opportunities SBA, Traditional, Investor, HUD, USDA
  • Local, State, Federal Requirements
  • Location, Land Use, Labor and Market Assessment
  • Pro-Forma Development
  • Overall Feasibility
  • OTA, PSA, Lease, Management Agreement

RW SHD currently and successfully operates senior housing and has a history of managing over 25 properties in 7 states.

  • Day-to-Day Operations Management
  • Proactive Clinical Compliance
  • Real-Time Financial Controls
  • Pre-Operating System Set Up
  • Change of Ownership
  • Mandatory Reporting

RW SHD is aggressively discussing all possible senior housing opportunities including acquiring through purchase, lease, lease with purchase option, CON/build, and management options.

2020/500 Plan
  • RW SHD 2020 year-end goal is to have 500 occupied beds
  • RW SHD has earmarked several markets to build and acquire
  • RW SHD has begun very favorable discussions with several major lenders and funds for the development of various senior housing projects.
  • RW SHD has 3 CONs in development in Texas
Raising Capital

RW SHD continues to raise capital from the following sources:

  • Traditional Banking
  • SBA
  • HUD
  • Investor
  • USDA

RW SHD has assisted Senior Housing partners in the following areas:

  • Operations Management
  • Change of Ownership
  • Strengthen REIT Systems
  • Proactive Reimbursement Systems
  • HR/AP/Payroll
  • Acquisition Roll-outs
  • Purchasing Controls

Consult an Expert

For a more in-depth discussion of senior housing development needs, get in touch with us at 512-496-3049 or